Do not see dropbox backup in plugin

My website crushed and I re-installed WordPress and the Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin by which I made the backup earlier.

Now I’d like to restore dropbox backup which still exists in the Dropbox Account, however I couldn’t find the backup in the Dropbox plugin.

There are several causes why you do not see your dropbox backup in Dropbox Full Backup plugin in your WordPress dashboard:

1) you connected to the wrong Dropbox Account. Please make sure that your plugin is connected to that Dropbox App where your necessary dropbox backup is saved;

2) you changed your website name. In order to see dropbox backup in your plugin, your website should have the same name as it was at the moment of backup creation.

NOTE: and are considered to be two different websites. If your NEW website name differs from the OLD one, please change it to the previous and you will see the backup in your Dropbox Full Backup plugin.

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