Successful Backup of WordPress website

How and when can I be sure that my wordpress site has been adequately backed up to dropbox?

When your backup is finished you will see the message in your plugin that the backup was finished successfully.

Dropbox backup of wordpress

To check it for 100% that is was backed up and transferred to Dropbox successfully, follow the steps below:
– login into your Dropbox Account;
– open the folder ‘Apps’ and move to folder ‘WPAdm’(the default folder of Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin) and click at the name of the domain that you have backed up;

saved  backup to dropbox

– click and the backup name;

backed up wordpress

– there will be a list of backed up files. In the end of this list should be .md5 file that means that the backup was made correctly.

backed up wordpress at dropbox

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