External factors that block backup, restore and migration process

There exists a lot of external factors that can block backup, restore or migration process.

Common issues can be caused by:
1) WP-cron work issues.
2) Other backups:
a) security plugins that can block requests from and to our system;
b) other backup plugins and their backups that can get mixed up with our plugin and its backups;
c) other plugins.
3) Inappropriate WordPress configurations.
4) Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin bugs.
5) Hosting / Server configs

1) Check WP-cron work.

If the WP-cron does not work, none of the backup/restore will perform.

In order to check if it works or no, schedule a post for several minutes forward and check if it has been posted. If it has not been posted, try to add the following lines into your .htaccess file:

<Files “wp-cron.php”>
Allow from All
Satisfy Any

It will help to understand if it is allowed by Apache, because this issue also may be caused by firewall or by mod_secure on your hosting / server.

If this method did not help to solve the problem, check if you use any cache plugin. If you do, exclude the file ‘wp-cron.php’ from your cache plugin list.

If all the above mentioned methods did not fix the problem, we would recommend to contact your hosting / server administrator and ask them to find out what causes the WP-cron work problem.

2) Conflict with other plugins.

In order to find out if there is any plugin that conflicts with Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin, just deactivate all your plugins and make a backup/restore. If the backup/restore were finished successfully, you have to find out what exact plugin caused the problem before. Activate your plugins by turn until you find which one blocks your backups and restores. When you find it, contact our support team via support(@]wpadm.com and inform about it to let us find the cause of the conflict.

3) WordPress setup.

Backup & Restore Dropbox works with the standard WordPress setup. If you use WordPress setup from custom folder or so, then plugin will not work in an appropriate way. In this case, please contact us to analyze the situation.

4) Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin bugs.

If the above mentioned information did not help you and you still stuck with the backup or restore, contact our support team at support(@]wpadm.com to let us check if there is any bug in the plugin. In you email to us, please provide the following information:

a) Version of your plugin;
b) Vession of your PHP;
c) WordPress version;
d) Backup / restore logs (depends on your problem);
e) Describe the ways how you performed the backup/restore and when the issue appeared.

5) Hosting / server configs.

In some cases the cause of backup/restore stuck can be hosting / server configs like timeout (max_execution_time), lack of access permissions for folders or files, etc.

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