How to create Google Analytics Account?

I get error when trying to run Google Analytics Counter Tracker plugin – The site reports “Authentication error. Please deactivate and activate plugin”

In most cases this error means that you do not have any Google Analytics account.

1. Move to your Analytics Counter Settings and click “Create Google Analytics Account” or follow the link

Create Google Analytics Account

2. You will be brought to Google Analytics page where you have to “Sign Up”.

Sign up to Google Analytics

3. Complete the required fields with information and hit “Get Tracking ID” in the bottom of the page and accept Google Analytics Terms of Service.

Google Analytics

4. After that you will be brought to the page where you can see your Tracking ID and Tracking Code for your website.

Google analytics tracking code

5. You can copy Tracking Code and paste it manually in the plugin Analytics Counter at your wordpress or choose the tab “Automatically generate Google Analytics Code” – “connect your Google Analytics account”.

connect Google Analytics

You can create several properties in your Google Analytics account and let Google track them and let Analytics Counter show you stats on your chosen site.
– Move to ‘Admin’ page;
– Click on ‘Properties‘. You will see all your already added properties.
– Navigate to ‘Create new property

google analytics for wordpress

– Fill in the fields by entering your New Property (website) Name and your website full address and then hit ‘Get Tracking ID’.

google analytics for wordpress

This way, you will create new GA property to let it track your website.

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