How to find FTP passcode in FileZilla?

I’ve created an FTP account through FileZilla, however I do not know where to find my FTP pass and other data of FTP account.

As soon as you have an FTP account, in order to connect to your server, you’d need to know your hostname, username and pass.

Hostname usually looks like your domain name. It may look either like or as well as it may look like your IP address.

When the user has completed registration at hosting, some hosting providers send user FTP access data through the email. That is why, first of all check your email for ftp details.

Also, some hosts email a link to a user following which the user can choose FTP pass.

How to find FTP access data in Filazilla?

  • Launch FileZilla FTP software at your computer –
  • Click on File – Site Manager in the left up right corner of the Filezilla window;

  • In opened window make a right-click on New Site and a left-click on Export

  • Save the exported file – sites.xml at your computer (we saved it at desktop);

  • Opening the file sites.xml at your computer, you will find all necessary FTP data to connect to your server: passcode, username and hostname

    Moreover, you can find your FTP user name, pass and host name in FTP section through your cPanel account.

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