Install SEO Post Content Links PRO

If you have used FREE version of SEO Post Content Links (Content Links) previously, please delete it and follow the guidance how to install Content Links PRO version.

When you purchase Content Links PRO version, you are asked to give the email address. After the purchase, please check the given email for the link to download the plugin.

Remember to which folder you save the plugin zip.file and does not extract the files from it, leave it as it is.

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard;
2. Click on PluginsAdd New;
3. In the top of the page find Upload plugin. Click on it;

4. Click on Choose file

internal linking

5. Browse the folder where you have saved zip.file of the plugin ( and click on Open

internal linking

6. Install the plugin

internal linking

7. Activate the plugin

internal linking

8. Navigate to Content Links Pro on wordpress sidebar to be able to configure plugin settings to build internal links

build internal links

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