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If I have words/word-combinations like “smartphones”, “best smartphones”, “cheap smartphone”,”Samsung”, “Redmi 5”, “Iphone” and some more in my content, will your Content Links plugin find those terms throughout the site and link to the page/post that I want those terms to go to?

Content Links FREE creates internal links randomly. Have a look at this guideline

Content Links PRO allows to select specific posts/pages/categories to link them internally.

Let’s see how Internal Linking PRO works:

1. Open Content Links PRO plugin in your WordPress dashboard;
2. Open Settings to manage some features, e.g. edit blacklist, select link colour, add links to H-tags, etc.

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3. Tick “Custom Linking” in order to create link on particular posts/pages/categories and Save changes

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4.1.Tick what type of content you want to link. You can select post to post or post to page, whatever you need.
4.2.After that, on the left you can see the list of all your posts/pages/categories (depends on what you have ticked) FROM which you can create links.
4.3.On the right, you have to select one relevant post/page/category (again depends what you have ticked before) TO which you want to link.
4.4.In front of each content, there is a field where you have to type keywords which should become internal links on your post/page. After each completed field, Save changes.

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5. When all settings are done, click on “Start links creation”

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6. During the interlinking process there will be running logs that will notify if the corresponding anchor words were found in the content and how many links were done

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7. Here is our created internal links according to specified keywords:

a) Internal link “cheap smartphone” was made on the post “Good and not expensive smartphones” and by clicking on it, you will visit the post “The best smartphones 2018”.

link relevant posts

b) Internal link “best smartphone” was made on the post “The best smartphones 2018” and if you click on it you will be brought to the next post, namely “New era smartphones”

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