Migrate / move website to another domain / server

How can I migrate my website to another website?

First of all, migration feature is available in PRO plugin version and this PRO version should be installed at destination website (TO which you want to migrate) and should be connected to the same Dropbox Account at your destination website as the plugin at your source website.

1. Login at your destination website wordpress installation;
2. install PRO plugin version;
3. open Settings box;
4. connect to Dropbox Account that contains the backup you need;
5. Tick the option “Read all backups from dropbox cloud“;

migration plugin for wordpress,

6. After that all your backups will appear in plugin;
7. Click “Restore” in front of necessary backup;
8. There will appear the window that will ask you to give the name of the website that you want to restore / migrate from. Here you have to give the address of your old website from which you move and hit “Restore”.

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