Restore old site at new WordPress installation

I have done a full back up of my website and saved it on my dropbox. After that I have reinstalled wordpress. Now I have new WP installation.

I wonder if I can restore my old website with the information in my dropbox?

Yes, you can restore your dropbox backup at your new WordPress installation:

1) install Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin at your new WordPress installation;
2) connect the plugin to your Dropbox Account where your backup is saved;
3) click “Restore” button in front of the backup you are going to restore.

restore plugin for wordpress

The main condition is that the name of your new website installation should be the same as your old website when you backed it up

2 thoughts on “Restore old site at new WordPress installation

  1. Jen

    I need to use my backup to move a website to a new URL. The website on the old URL does not exist anymore. How is it possible to restore the website on a new URL, since naturally the name of the new installation is different due the new URL.

    1. Support Post author

      Hello Jen, it is possible to restore your old backup on a new WordPress installation, however, the URL of the new WordPress installation should be same as your old website URL, for which you made a backup.


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