What is FTP? How to connect to WordPress website Server via FileZilla?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard web protocol that helps to transfer files between computers. Using it you can access folders of another computer or server to exchange, upload and download files.
To get access to your WordPress website server you would need FTP Client. One of the best is FileZilla FTP/SFTP client. It is fully free and compatible with all OS. Using FileZilla you can manage your WordPress website files, images, installed plugins, view plugin logs, etc.
So, let’s see how to create connection to wordpress website server to reach plugins and files. It will take maximum 10 min of your time.
First of all, you have to download FileZilla Client at you computer.
Once it is downloaded and installed we move to a second step – to create connection to server.

Make sure that you have data from your FTP account on your server:

your website ftp address OR your IP address. If your URL is http://mysite.com then usually the ftp address will be ftp://mysite.com;
your ftp username;
your ftp password.

If you do not have FTP account for your server, you can create it using website hosting administration dashboard (for example cPanel, Plesk or other), that will contain FTP user account data, with appropriate FTP user access information.
If you face difficulties creating FTP user by yourself, you can ask support of your hosting to assist you concerning an FTP user account for your website to access your webspace of your website using FTP.

If you have all the data, make the following steps.

1. Launch FileZilla and in the top left corner click on File –> Site Manager

Zilezilla FTP client

2. In dropped menu click New Site and give a name to your website (e.g. My dream site).

connect to wordpress server via FTP

3. Type your Host address.Host is the same as FTP server information provided to you when you create FTP account on your webserver.For instance, FTP server is ftp.mysite.com, so that what you have to type for Host address.

4. You can leave Port field empty. There will be used a default 21.

5. For Protocol choose – File Transfer Protocol.

6. For Logon Type choose – Normal

7. Give the Username. This is the name you were given in FTP Settings. It can have the structure of just a name or email address.

8. Type your password. This is the one given in FTP settings.

9. Enable Passive Mode: Click on Transfer Settings and under Transfer mode, select Passive.

10. Move down the window, click Connect and accept certificate.

Connect to wordpress server via FTP

11. After you are connected you will see folders and files related to your wordpress website like wp-admin, wp-content, etc on the right side.

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