Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. To protect your privacy better we inform you with this Provate Policy, explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used. You can get acquainted with our Privacy Policy on our homepage and at every point where personally identifiable information may be requested.

This Privacy Policy covers all questions concerning types of data collected by us, the ways this data is used and shared by us as well as your rights for such data. Please read our Private Policy thoroughly. As soon as you visit and use the Services, you give your agreement that the use of the Services by you is regulated by this Private Policy. Moreover, the use of the Services by you is regulated by our Terms of Service, which takes place in case of any conflict with this Privacy Policy.


This Private Policy applies to the website, any online services presented by that may link to this Privacy Policy. This Private Policy does not apply to services used by WPAdm's customers at their websites, as well as it does not refer neither to other websites of organizations to which we link, nor to organizations which are not controlled or owned by, even though these companies are WPAdm partners or contractor entities.
Furthermore, this Privacy Policy does not bear responsibility for how WPAdm customers may use your data, since the use of your data by those organizations is regulated by their privacy policies which does not undergo WPAdm control. In order to understand better our relations with our customers, in case you are a data subject from Europe, please have a look at the "Data Controller" section that you can find below.


We gather information that you willingly give to us during the use of Services, namely when you create an account in our system, purchase our products or services, address to our customer support team to assist you with anything, or apply for a job.
We collect information which refers to identified or identifiable real physical persons. We collect the following information: contact data (your first and last name, email and postal addresses, telephone number;
content data (letters that you sent to us and our support team, full chat history of our users with their customers in order to provide chat service and data archive for our users, who perform the chat);
billing data (on your behalf, we use data about your payment process from the third party about your payment method and security code of your payment method in order to process the payment process).
You may willingly provide us with any other additional data, that we do not request, by using our Services. In this case, you bear full responsibility for such provided data.

Automatically collected information.
We gather data about your gadget and the way it interworks with the Services we provide. Below here are types of data and the ways it is collected by us.

Cookies, embedded scripts and web beacons.
The Services use "cookies" and alike technologies like HTML5 local storage. Cookie is a small file saved at your computer or any other gadget. Cookies are designed to save some amount of data related to a particular user or website. WPAdm uses cookies and some other techniques to define your gadget, users that have registered an account at WPAdm, to identify if the purchase was complete thought the WPAdm system.

WPAdm may use embedded scripts in respect of supplying of its Services.
Embedded scripts are used to gather data about user interaction with the website, for instance, links that you follow on the website. It may help our clients to give us data that is used to supply Services. Embedded code is downloaded at your gadget from our server, from our client's server or from a third party service supplier and exists there temporally while you are linked to the website comprising this embedded script. This code is deleted when you leave the website.

WPAdm may use web beacons.
Web beacon /bug, also known as "clear GIFs" are small invisible graphic images no more than 1x1 px, that may be found at website or email and become active when you view the website or open email. Web beacons serves for analytics purposes, allowing to collect some statistics about website users like track the number of website visitors, what pages they visited, how many links they followed, the number of sent email that were read.

Log File Data.
When you visit any website, including ours, your website browser sends this information to the visited website. Our server logs records data about pages you viewed on the Services, URL's, the date and time when you visit the website, how much time you spend at this or that page, what browser and operating systems you use at the time of your website visit.

User agent string.
User agent string is a string in browser that contains information about browser (its name, version, operating system, etc) and may be contained in log file as well.

Data about geographic location.
WPAdm may ask for access to or get data about your gadget when you visit the Services. Your GEO location information may refer to your IP address and other Geo-dependent technologies. We use GEO location information in order to provide and make the Services better.

Unique ID.
WPAdm may give a unique identification number to your PC or mobile gadget, taking into account log file data when you visit the Services. This is with the aim to identify fraud as well as to make our Services better. WPAdm may also set cookie at your gadget which will comprise unique ID. We does not submit unique ID or any other data to the third party. Some WPAdm Services may require to embed JavaScript snippet at the customer's website to let JavaScript to gather data used by WPAdm to design unique identification number. This process may be done either by WPAdm or by the customer.

WPAdm gets data from Third Parties.
Third Parties which may provide us with information about you are: our customers, resellers, business partners, open government databases as well as any other information in public domain. All the received from third parties information is treated according to all rules mentioned in this Privacy Policy.


Information submitted by a user will NOT be shared, sold, reused in lists, or be used for any other purpose than to complete a transaction or address a customer service concern. We use the information you provide about yourself (some of your personal data like your first and last name, email and postal addresses, tel.number, billing info) when placing an order only to complete that order.
We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive. Also we use another email addresses provided by you to post ordered informations, confirmations, notifications, errors, warnings and reports due our mail services.
Such email addresses are not used for any other purpose and are NOT shared with third parties.

Administration and customization of the website
WPAdm uses data about you for different purposes concerning administration and customization. For instance, we use your data to inform you about product and service updates, to make the Services better, to process your authentication in account, to supply you our products and services, to answer your requests.

IP address usage.
We use IP addresses with the aim to identify and prevent any try of fraud. WPAdm uses data about location where the billing was processed as well as other info to make up a database which allows to link IP addressed with the places where these IPs are seems to be used, it may get down even to a resolution at a postal code level.

If you give your consent, we may utilize data wit h the following aim: to let you take part in our polls, to provide you with advertising based on your interests and needs, on our Services and services of the third party, as well as to realize some other aims shred with you and with your agreement. Information used by us does not detect you for any purpose other than the applicable law bans it.


WPAdm processes personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected and in accordance with these Privacy Policy. We review our data collection, storage and processing practices to ensure that data we collect and store are secure and encrypted. We take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we process is accurate, complete and current, but we depend on our users to update or correct their personal information whenever necessary.


Data Privacy and data security of our users/customers is important for us: We DO NOT SELL and DO NOT TRANSFER the data of our users/customers/visitors to third parties. All collected data are required and used ONLY for ensuring performance of our service for you. All data are stored separately from web-dashboard, on secure servers, with applying of high security standards.

Our Commitment to Data Security

We retain the right to share your personal data that you have provided with the third parties if we have legal foundation for it. We may disclouse personal data if it was required by any public or law authority in order to prevent any life-threatening action:
if it is is necessary for any legal process, court action, search warrant, etc;
if it is an emergency case, when we think that something may threaten someones life;
in order to check reports of persons who may text abusive or threatening messages.

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information of our users.


WPAdm collaborates with some third parties, among them analytical organizations in order to supply us with the data concerning traffic and Services usage. Some of these organizations gather data while you are visiting the Services or any other sites or services. These analytical organizations use special tracking techniques by their own, among them coockies, web bugs/beacons and embedded scripts. They may also access your IP address, log info and some other info that relates to you. Such tracking techniques for example like a feature of User ID in Google Analytics service, may help to supply analytical data, marketing and other things.


Reject communication through email
If you have an account in WPAdm Services, you have the right to change info in your account just signing in into your account and modify its info as you like. In case, if you do not want to get emails from us, you may reject it just leaving your request through Please, take into account that we have the right to contact you on administrative questions concerning your account or usage of Services and such emails from us may remain uneffected even though you reject marketing communications.

Block or remove cookies
You have the full right to clear cookies from your cookie folder in your browser as well as you can change your browser preferences to get notifications about received cookies or decline cookie acceptance. If you remove or block cookies, you will not be able to complete the purchase of the products in WPAdm Services as well as to use those Services where it is necessary to log in with the user name and pass.

European Privacy Rights
If you are a data subject located in Europe, you are entitled to access, make changes or delete any personal info about you that was collected by our Services. You are entitled to data portability and to limit to the personal data processing that was gathered by our Services. You are entitled to prohibit us from processing of your personal data as well as not to submit it to the process by the third parties with marketing purposes or other purposes which are vary from those which was originally collected or registered by you. You can cancel your consent for your data processing at any moment.
To invoke any of the rights above, contact us thought the and let us know which particular right you would like to implement. Your request will be answered during 30 working days. We may ask you for some additional information which may let us to justify your identity.
Please take into account that we keep information with the good intentions and we can keep it even after you request for aims of our legal interests like troubleshooting, prevention of fraud, ensure compliance of our agreements. If your personal data has been processed by us in the name of our customer and you want to invoke your rights for this data, please, contact and discuss it directly with that customer. If you want to discuss such situation with the WPAdm directly, please contact us and give us the name of the WPAdm customer in the name of whom WPAdm processes your data. We will contact our customer on your behalf with your request and provide support to them according to applicable law to reply your request.

How You Can Access or Correct Your Information
You can access all your personally information that you save on WPAdm services and maintain by emailing our company or through the user-admin-area. User has to confirm, that their data has been changed, to better safeguard user information. You can correct factual errors in your personally identifiable information by sending us a request that credibly shows an error. To protect your privacy and security, we will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access.


We are located in Ukraine and the data collected by us is regulated by Ukrainian law. If you access the Services not from Ukraine, but from other countries, please, note that the data collected by means of Services may be transmitted, processed, saved and used in Germany and in any other jurisdictions. Also, take into account that personal data protection law in Germany and any other country may differ from your country laws. If you use WPAdm Services it means that you are aware and agree for the data transfer, data processing, use of data, data share, and data storage in Germany and any other jurisdictions as it was mentioned above in this Privacy Policy. If your personal data was gathered in Europe, we will transmit your personal data subject to corresponding safeguards like Privacy Shield Framework.


In order to prevent your personal data from loss, disclosure, theft and other issues, WPAdm takes proper reliable technical, administrative and physical protective measures. Although, you need to be aware that that not all technical and physical security systems are guarded perfectly. WPAdm can not assure that the data you provide will not be stolen by someone else during this data transfer to use through the Internet, as well as we can not assure servers and databases security of WPAdm Services.


From time to time we will make changes to this Privacy Policy in accordance to any new laws concerning data, legal developments or in relation to other business conditions.


European personal data protection law distinguishes 2 types of companies that collects data: companies that process personal data for their own aims (known as "controllers") and companies that process personal data in the name of other company (known as "processors"). WPAdm functions as a processor in the name of its clients who use WPAdm services and products. The Controller, that is WPAdm customer, defines the aims and ways of personal data processing. WPAdm customers take a decision what type of personal data to submit to WPAdm to make it possible for WPAdm give its customer accurate information of possible risks, to determine possible fraud activity, licensed info and other services which the customer has acquired. WPAdm functions as a controller n accordance to the personal information that was collected by its customers at WPAdm sites. WPAdm may also operate as a processor and a controller at the same time, when WPAdm unites its customers personal info to be able to supply services to all customers.


If you found any mistake or you have any questions, suggestions or complains concerning this Privacy Policy, if you want to make any changes in your data or invoke any of your rights discussed in this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us: WPAdm By mail: