Backup fails. It shows only “Testing of TarGz was finished successfully”

When I try to make local backup or dropbox backup, they both fail. There is no details about the backup and the backup stops at this stage: “Testing of TarGz was finished successfully. Testing of ZIP under shell was finished successfully”. It looks like this:

1) Try to changes Backup Method.

– Open Settings box in Dropbox Full Backup page;
– Try to make a backup using only Zip Shell method.
backup and restore plugin for wordpress

– If the problem remains, untick both methods and use a default zip.

2) It is also possible that your wordpress cron does not work. For an appropriate backup process, WP_cron should be enabled. We’d recommend to check if you use any cron plugins like WP Crontrol and WP-Cron Control, because they may disable wp_cron work. If you use any, please deactivate them and try to make a backup.

3) Make sure that you have enough access permissions.
Web server Apache or Nginx must have access to files and folders like your FTP/SSH user.
Permissions for all folders must be 755.
Permissions for all files must be 644.

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