Backup plugin requires to check the permissions on the folder. How to do it?

I continue to get an error when backing up to Dropbox. Error messages states:
Dropbox Backup wasn’t created. Website “” returned an error during file creation: Failed to create file, please check the permissions on the folder “/xxxxxxxxx/x/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/wp-content/Dropbox_Backup”.

Backup process can’t be started, because your web server have not enough permissions to create website backup.

There are two types of permissions you need to check in your operating system for folders and files:

1 Permissions for read/write/execute. For correct configured hosting/server the right permissions for folders should be “0755” and “0644” for files.
2. “Owner” permission: your WordPress must be able to handle with your created files and folders. For example “Dropbox_backup” folder.

The “Owner” permissions can be defined with correct “Owner User” and “Owner Group” for the file or folder object.

Video guidance should help you:

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