Can’t update Dropbox Full Backup PRO plugin

I received a message in wordpress saying that there is an update available for this plugin (Backup & Restore Dropbox PRO) but that it can’t be updated

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Backup & Restore Dropbox PRO license is available only for one domain. It means that automatic updates are available only for this very domain linked to purchased license. That is why, make sure that you try to update the plugin at the website for which you have purchased PRO license.

If you uploaded the PRO plugin version to the website for which you did not purchase the license, then the automatic updates will not work.

4 thoughts on “Can’t update Dropbox Full Backup PRO plugin

    1. Support Post author

      Yes, we will do it, only if you prove that it is your website from which you want to move the license.
      For more details, please, email our support team support(@}


    Hello, I made a backup of my wordpress site with this plugin, and I would like to know if it will create incremental backups or redo each time a full backup of the site, which is very long because the completeness is already more 4GB Thank you in advance for your answers.

    1. Support Post author

      Thank you for your question. Using Backup & Restore Dropbox you will have to create each time a full backup of your site. It does not do incremental backups. However, we will think about implementing of an incremental backup.


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