Connect Dropbox Full Backup plugin to Dropbox API V2

Recently Dropbox Platform has moved to API V2, thus our Backup & Restore plugin has been also updated to be compatible with Dropbox new version.

We’d recommend to update the plugin to the latest version and reconnect Dropbox Full Backup to Dropbox to let it work with the API V2.

Please follow the steps below to reconnect to Dropbox correctly:

1. Login at your WordPress website dashboard –> Dropbox Full Backup –> Settings –> Connect to Dropbox

backup plugin

2. Sign in to your Dropbox account –> Allow access to it

dropbox backup and restore plugin

Dropbox backup plugin

3. Copy the code–> enter it in plugin Settings box–> hit Get Access token

Backup and restore Dropbox plugin for wordpress backup to dropbox backup to dropbox

4. Once you are connected, you will see your backups in plugin main window and will be able to backup your website content

Backup site to Dropbox

P.S. If it did not help, try to reinstall the plugin.

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