Download backup files from Dropbox

I would like to download my backup files from Dropbox to my computer. How can I access that Dropbox and download everything?

To download dropbox backup from Dropbox follow the steps:

1. login at your Dropbox Account at using email and pass that you used to create your account;
2. Move to Apps–> WPAdm;
3. There you will see the folder with your website name that contains your website backups (e.g. mysite_com);
In front of this folder there is a button, click on it and then navigate to ‘Download’. Thus, you will upload the folder with all backups of your site.

Download dropbox backup files to computer

If you want to download particular backup, then open the folder of you site, in front of necessary backup click the button and ‘Download’ it.

Download backup from dropbox wpadm

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