Dropbox Backup using App key and App Secret. Backup & Restore Dropbox

Is is possible to backup to Dropbox account using my own App key and App secret?

Backup & Restore Dropbox (Dropbox Full Backup) plugin for WordPress allows a user to choose type of dropbox connection,either to use standard plugin connection or their own App key and App Secret.

In order to connect plugin to your own Dropbox App, follow the guidance:

1. Open Dropbox Full Backup Settings box and check ‘Connection to your dropbox app’

backup and restore plugin for wordpress

2. Paste your App key and App Secret to the corresponded fields and click ‘Connect to Dropbox‘.
Please, make sure that you copy and paste data without extra spaces or missing characters.

dropbox backup for wordpress

3. In opened window, ‘Allow‘ access to your Dropbox App files and folders

backup plugin for wordpress

4. Copy and Paste the code to Dropbox Full Backup Settings box

backup plugin for wordpress

5. Click ‘Get access token

backup plugin for wordpress

6. Click on ‘Create Dropbox Backup‘ to backup your site to your Dropbox App

dropbox backup for wordpress

dropbox backup

7. When dropbox backup is successful you will find backup folder, written under your website name, under ‘Apps‘ folder on your Dropbox account

backup to dropbox

In order to find App Key and App Secret of your Dropbox App:
– open this page in your browser being logged in at dropbox account;
– move to ‘My Apps’
– select your app and find the fields with App Key and App secret data.

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