How can I create Landing Page (Contact form / Order form) in my website?

I have downloaded your landing page plugin, yet I still have no landing page.

The new pages that attempt to add are not landing pages. The only thing I have is something called an orders through landing page

1. When you installed the plugin, go to your posts in your WordPress. In the list of your categories there should be category “landing page” that is created automatically. All articles, added to this “landing-page” category will be automatically converted into landing pages of your website.

After you added your post to the “landing page” category, you will see the following:

2. Each landing page will become a Contact From. You may customize this form for a better conversions;

3. Customize your created landing page by adding your own text in Contact form via plugin “Settings” in your WP dashboard;

4. Customize your “Landing page title” and “Text message” to display in the order form (Contact form) in your landing page;

In the post one can see the Title change and the change in the field for user wishes.

5. Landing page can be linked with your normal articles and pages through the page tags, which you can add for each normal page in WordPress.

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