Migrate WordPress site to another hosting. Dropbox Full Backup PRO

It is very easy to migrate WordPress site to another hosting automatically without FTP client, you just need to get Backup & Restore Dropbox PRO plugin.
Follow the guidance to migrate website correctly:

1) Login at your new WordPress website dashboard – that is your target domain TO which you want to migrate;

2) Upload PRO plugin version like it is shown in this guidance: http://www.wpadm.com/faq/install-backup-restore-dropbox-pro-at-wordpress/

3) Connect to your Dropbox Account where you have the backup of your old website FROM which you want to migrate: http://www.wpadm.com/faq/connect-dropbox-full-backup-plugin-to-dropbox-api-v2/

You will not see any backups

Dropbox Full Backup pro

4) To display backups, open plugin Settings and tick Read all backup from dropbox cloud.

Backup & Restore Dropbox pro

5) All the backups of your old website will appear in your plugin.

backup and restore dropbox for wordpress

6)Click on Restore in front of the backup you want to restore.

backup and restore dropbox pro

In appeared window write the address of your old domain and click Restore.

dropbox full backup pro

7) When migration is done successfully, there will pop new window to sign in. Use login credential from your OLD domain (FROM which you migrated)

backup & restore dropbox for wordpress

8) Reload the page to login to your newly migrated website. Use login details from your OLD domain

dropbox full backup pro

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