Migrate WordPress site with Duplicator/Cloner/Migrator plugin

How to migrate WordPress site using Duplicator/Cloner/Migrator plugin ?

Follow the guide how to migrate website:

1. Complete the tables with required information. All the required FTP and MySQL information relates to your destination website (to which you migrate). You can find the required data either in your Plesk panel, or contacting your hosting provider of your destination website. Often, hosting providers email a user FTP and MySQL data after website creation on their hosting.

2. After you complete all fields with necessary data, click on Scan system. You will see a new table with scanning results that shows you how many files are going to be moved to your new website.

move site to another hosting

3. Click on “Check destination FTP/MySQL connection” to see if everything is OK and available at your destination website for migration.

duplicator plugin

4. If everything is alright, hit “Start cloning to destination

copy site to another hosting

On the right you will see a window with logs that shows you the whole migration process.

migrate site to another hosting

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