Is it possible to make backup from my WordPress panel?

Please assist me with my backup. I do not have access to cpanel and it keeps timing out. Will it work if I initiate the backup from the webpage admin area?
Thank you

Yes, you can initiate the backup from your webpage admin area. First of all make sure that the plugin Backup & Restore Dropbox is installed to your WordPress dashboard.

How to install Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin find here.
On the sidebar in your WP dashboard you will find the plugin “Dropbox Full Backup”, click on it and it will bring you to the plugin main window. In this main window you will find “Settings” box where you have to connect to your dropbox account.

After that, move down the page and you will see 2 buttons “Create Dropbox Backup“:

and “Create Local Backup“.

Choose the one you need.

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