Why backup plugin divide the backup to a large number of files?

Why the plugin divide the back up to a large number of files? If I want to restore my site I have to extract all the files and also extract the .tar file inside of each file!!??

The plugin divides the back up to a large number of files because of many limitations on servers and hosting providers all over the World:

1. Many of servers and most of shared hosting providers do not support big files;
2. To create one big file requires more server/hosting memory;
3. To create one big file requires much server/hosting “script running time”;
4. In case you create backup on Dropbox (not Local backup) – a big backup file must be transferred to Dropbox. Through Internet connection, website speed OR script running time the backup transfer can be interrupted and backup will not be transferred to Dropbox.
5. In case your website server/hosting have a high loading (for example it has many website visitors or many other tasks), it will not be possible to create a backup within one big file.

We had to split the backup file into many smaller files to optimize the usage of backup creation time & memory, and get it worked correctly on any web hosting or any web server in the world to create backup faster and more efficient.
The total size of all small files in your backup is the size of your whole backup.
Here only the main reasons for the need to split the archive are listed.

You DON’T NEED extract backup files by yourself!
The Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin will do the whole website restore automatically.

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