Why Backup & Restore Dropbox asks to pay additional $0.50 when I have already bought PRO?

I have bought the Pro version and have backed up a site. I have backed it up locally and saved to Dropbox as well as Locally. And Backup keeps asking me for money. I will not pay $29 a year for a backup solution plus another $0.50 per backup and restore.

Once you bought Pro version of Backup & Restore Dropbox, you have unlimited number of backup and restore processes, scheduling backups for one website and website migration with one year license and tech support. All you need is to go to your WordPress dashboard and click “Dropbox Full Backup Pro” on your sidebar. That is the area from which you can create backups, restores, automatic backups, website migration.

The area where you are required $ 0,50 is our Online Service (www.webpage-backup.com). There is no need to register there and pay $0,50 until you need the panel to make backups,restores and automatic backups for multiple websites from one service.

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